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Importance of zinc supplements in male fertility

by Pure Food Supplements
Importance of zinc supplements in male fertility

Importance of zinc supplements in male fertility

Going through fertility challenges can be disturbing and can affect different aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, male infertility cases are on the rise, and this problem needs much attention and awareness. Millions of people face fertility challenges. Besides the infertile individuals and couples, their families and communities are also influenced. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 48 million individuals and 186 million couples are infertile worldwide.

Various factors can affect male fertility. Among these factors is the amount of nutrients or vitamins the body receives to help support the reproductive system. Among these minerals and vitamins is how zinc supplements can help improve male fertility.

Zinc is an important trace mineral present in the cells throughout the body. It is known to support the immune system as it is required for it to function properly. Zinc also plays an important role in the process of cell division, cell growth, wound healing, and the breakdown of carbohydrates. When it comes to male reproductive health, zinc is considered as one of the most significant trace minerals in increasing sperm count and morphology, sperm function and the quality of sperm.

Zinc levels and sperm quality are interlinked to each other. The deficiency of zinc is found to increase the chances of male infertility. That's why zinc supplements are gaining popularity due to their beneficial effects on increasing male fertility.


The role of zinc to improve fertility

Zinc is required in a minimum amount for normal reproductive functions. Zinc supplementation has been found to increase significantly;

  • Sperm count
  • Sperm quality
  • Sperm motility
  • Sperm morphology

Let's look at the different beneficial functions of zinc to increase male fertility.



Protects testes from stress

High levels of zinc are found in testes. Zinc has the critical function of protecting testes from the damaging effects of heavy metals, fluoride, and heat.

The average zinc concentration is essential for the formation and maturation of sperm during spermatogenesis. That's why individuals with zinc deficiency are more prone to suffer from infertility. To avoid the damaging effects of heat and heavy metals on testes, supplements containing zinc can help the body maintain the right amount that is required during spermatogenesis.



Improves sperm functions

Normal physiologic functions of sperms are necessary to fertilize the egg. These functions require the right concentration of zinc in the body. Zinc deficiency can affect sperm function which may lead to male infertility.

Zinc is known to improve the following functions of sperm;

  • Necessary for sperm maturation
  • Maintains epithelial linings of reproductive tissues
  • Stabilization of cell membrane of spermatozoa
  • Regulates the process of capacitation and acrosome reaction. These processes must be controlled to enable sperm to penetrate and fertilize the egg.
  • Vital for the process of synthesis of sperm
  • Increases the levels of motile sperm

Zinc supplementation is known for having significant benefits in raising the concentration of motile sperms with intact membranes. It is also plays an important part in improving sperm motility in subfertile males with oligospermia. Changes in the concentration of seminal fluid zinc levels affect the count, motility, viability, and pH of sperms. Sperm count, motility, viability, and pH must be within the normal range required for the normal functioning of sperm. That's possible if your body's zinc levels are high.



Essential for prostate gland functions

Being an accessory sex gland in males, the prostate gland secretes prostatic fluid that forms 15-30% of seminal fluid. The prostatic fluid performs the main functions of nourishing and protecting the sperms.

Zinc is necessary for the normal functioning of the prostate gland. High levels of zinc are linked to the normal prostatic functions, which increase the fertility of males.



Increases testosterone levels in males

Testosterone is a hormone necessary for standard sexual drive and performance in males. Low testosterone levels cause decreased sexual desire and poor performance. This kind of infertility is treated with zinc supplements that increase testosterone levels and raise sexual desire.




Male fertility supplements containing the right amounts of zinc are essential to help increase male fertility. These supplements increase sexual desire, raise the concentration of motile and functional sperms to fertilize the egg, and increase the chances of pregnancy. If you are looking for such a fantastic fertility booster supplement, then what are you waiting for? Order your mens fertility vitamins now.




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